We are here to help. We  know about THE EMOTIONAL IMPACT OF HAIR LOSS

The Anguish felt by many of those who suffer from abnormal hair loss is very real, and all too often overlooked out of the fear that there is no solution. Over 63 million persons in the United States have some degree of abnormal hair loss.

A study that investigated perceptions of bald/balding men showed that compared to men who had hair, bald men were perceived as:

  • Less physically attractive
  • Less assertive
  • Less successful
  • Less personally like-able
  • Older (by about 5 years)

Women also tend to worry that their hair loss is a symptom of a more serious illness. This in itself creates a higher degree of stress. Research indicated that women have a greater emotional investment in their appearance, and although abnormal hair loss is not as common in women as it is in men it can be more  traumatic to that group. Some of the symptoms are anxiety, helplessness and lower self esteem.

We have the tools and knowledge to diagnose the reason for hair loss. We can determine is such loss is irreversible  or  is it can be corrected. More importantly, the correct diagnosis then furnishes our clients with the options they did not know existed.



A qualified Trichologist has many years of study and successfully completed a recognized trichology education program.


Trichological HairAnalysis


"Hair Analysis is an essential part of any successful chemical hair service.  A complete analysis will help you to determine  how the hair will react  to the service,  and will help to avoid most problems. "


There are many ways of analyze the hair,  since the visual and tact forms through external magnification and mineral evaluation.

GMG collects Trichological Hair Analisis Information by  extracting the complete hair bulbs (when present)  which provides the most accurate results, to help identify the physical conditions which result in hair thinning and hair loss, in order to provide real solutions.


We just need ten hair with the bulbs to let you know. Part of our Hair Analysis System is based in the Science of Trichology, which studies the three stages of human hair growth. These stages are all part of a normal scalp.

Normal  Morphological stages:

Anagen  Hair bulb

Catagen hair bulb

Telogen hair bulb


The word Trichology originates from the ancient Greek word Trikhos meaning hair. The study of hair disorders became known as Trichology and the first " Institute of Trichologist" was founded in 1902.

If you are experiencing any of the following symtoms, please give us a call:

  • Hair loss
  • Hair shaft breakage
  • Dandruff
  • Psoriasis
  • Seborrhea
  • Dry or Oiy Hair
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Hair Thining
  • Severe Breakage
  • A bald patch which has suddenly appeared
  • Itching
  • Excessive Scaling
  • Hair infectations


Trichology at  GMG has been part of the complete hair services provided  since 1999. GMG has performed hundreds of Trichological Hair Analysis during those years. Long experienced in the practical application of the Trichological results of the analysis, when combined with our passion and professionalism to serve you better.

In order to be certified as a  Trichologist an individual must successfully complete a very detailed and  medically oriented educational curriculum. The other requirement is a Certified Cosmetology License to practice  in that state.

George Miret Group currently has the most experienced qualified technicians who will perform a test know as "Hair Analysis", were we will gently remove 10 individual hairs, including the hair bulb (when present) and initiate a Morphological and Trichological analysis under a microscope.

Depending of the findings of the "Hair Analysis", our Trichologists may recommend treatments such as Hair detoxification, Scalp exfoliation, Stress therapy, (Electro Therapy), LowLight  Laser therapy and/or the application of topical formulations to the hair and scalp and even nutritional changes, based on the practices of Naturapathy.We will find a personalized solution to guarantee sucess.

Finding  the Androgenetic cause of hair loss means that those hair affected  will be fall out . What we can do is  try to postpone the Alopecia caused by the genetic heritage. Taken  the right measures at the right moment might give the bulbs affected a longer life.

Many of hair loss abnormalities can be corrected if treatment is applied before they are stablished. Time means a lot to treate and  correct hair loss. Once the Hair Analysis Test is finished  it  will be send back to you with in 10 days. A detail  explanation of the findings and recommendations are also  included  in the report. Call us today! Do not delay your visit to the Trichologist  at Georges Miret Group for a Hair Analysis evaluation.

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"Many of my patients have been to lots of hair loss experts and used multitude of products before seeing me .

They often find I am the first person to help their condition because I have a Hair Analisis Sistem that study the Hair inside and outside the skin, and find out all the possible causes of their conditions" .


To complete our Clinical Trichological Hair Analysis,   click over the blue hyperlink letters to fill out a confidential questionnaire. The confidential information you provide will be used only by Georges Miret Group (GMG), for the strict purpose of determining any underlying physiological or heredity precursors affecting your hair. The GMG guarantees the privacy rights of its clients and agrees not to use this information for any other purpose other than what is implied. The GMG will only release the results of the Analysis to the party (client) requesting the test, either in person or by mail, as directed by the party soliciting this service. The client agrees to provide his/her medical information to the best of their knowledge and agrees that any error in the information, whether by intent or omission of the truth, will invalidate the results and agrees to release GMG for its evaluation and conclusions.

Collection of Hair Samples:

  1. Client must pull or pluck  ten (10) complete hair specimens.
  2. The hair must b e taken from the same general area of the scalp.
  3. The samples must be a complete stem with or without the bulb attached.
  4. This procedure is relatively painless and can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. The final step is to place the samples in a small plastic bag and seal it securely.

Completion of Process:

  • Place the sealed samples in an envelope.
  • Include a completed copy of the attached clinical questionnaire duly signed and dated.
  • Please, include a check or Money Order in the amount of $125.00 American Dollars and send it  to:
            • Georges Miret Group
            • Trichology Analysis Department
            • 8315 West Flagler Street
            • Miami, FL 33144

Credit Card Users:

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Results of  Trichological Hair Analysis:

You will receive detailed results within 10 business days upon arrival of your hair sample. We will also include the recommended therapies as determined by our in-house Trichologist. If you wish to receive the results by email only, please select the email option on the second page; otherwise, the results will be mailed in a sealed confidential envelope to the address stated on the Order Form.